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In the lead-up to the 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, the program announced a round-table in the Advocacy Track called "Unions Now? - Pros, Cons and Consequences of Unionization" and moderated by IGDA Executive Director Jen MacLean. This event seemed to galvanize a group of activists who had been communicating online about their desire for a game industry union. 

The group descended on GDC as Game Workers Unite with a cross-platform pro-union campaign.  They distributed leaflets, buttons, stickers and newsletters at the conference, were active across social media and gained considerable press. A first hand account by a game developer from Argentina who was attending GDC for the first time and joined the GWU movement demonstrates the grassroots development.

Over 100 people attended the panel. After an introduction MacLean gave the floor to two representatives from IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) who independently attended the panel after hearing it might be anti-union. Members of the French game developer union STJV also participated. This was followed by many attendees sharing their stories of negative working conditions and pro-union sentiment. MacLean's views, some which she publicly shared in interviews with USGamer and Kotaku, were considerably more conservative (see more below in GWU and the IGDA). 

Chapters have popped up all over the US and around the world.


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GWU and the IGDA

At GDC 2018, GWU representatives expressed their desire for a specific game industry union. This desire for their own representative body, rather than being an affiliate or subsidiary of another union, is similar to the sentiments expressed by the founders of the STJV in France. However, Game Workers Unite is not opposed to working with other groups to improve the work experiences for game developers - this includes other unions in cognate industries and also the IGDA. Jen MacLean, Executive Director of the IGDA, received criticism following the Unions Now? round table and her interviews with Kotaku and US Gamer (see above). Many perceived her comments as unsupportive or hostile to unions and the manner in which she moderated the round table as deliberately silencing, belittling and deflecting pro-union sentiment. Michelle Ehrhardt’s account on Unwinnable provides this perspective. In the face of this criticism, MacLean clarified her position and that of the IGDA in an interview with ReadySet the day following the panel. Here, MacLean reiterated that the IGDA is not a union and will not become one, but that it does wish to foster dialogue about how to best support game developers. She acknowledged that this includes discussions about unionization. MacLean expressed that the IGDA and a game union could co-exist.

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