Marie-Josée Legault

Marie-Josée Legault has taught labour relations at Téluq (Université du Québec) since 1991, where she is also responsible for a program in labour relations. She is also associate professor in Laval Faculty of Law and UQAM department of sociology. She’s currently pursuing research in the so-called knowledge economy, particularly where project management is involved, among software designers and videogame developers in Canada. She’s been responsible for 4 formally funded research teams & projects, some of them involving industry partnership. She’s part of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT). A detailed list of professional activities is available on line and many papers are available in open access.

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Johanna Weststar

Johanna Weststar is a professor of industrial relations and human resources in the Department of Management and Organizational Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Johanna’s primary area of research is the video game industry where she is interested in issues of workplace citizenship, representation, working conditions and the labour process, project management and occupational identity. She has also published research on workplace learning among computer programmers, labour representation on pension boards, pregnancy leave policies, and underemployment. She teaches courses in labour/industrial relations, employee training and development, research methods, and project management. A detailed CV and a many papers are available here.
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