Hiring and Firing

The project-based nature of video game development coupled with the volatility of the industry, and broader political economic shifts towards freelance and independent work has meant that keeping a permanent full-time position for the entirety of one's career is increasingly uncommon. This page will chronicle any newsworthy events related to hiring, firing and layoffs in the video game industry and the commentary that they illicit.

General and Opinion


Firing, layoffs, and closures

In this piece Colin Campbell discusses the precarity of contract labour in the games industry. Colin Campbell on Polygon: Dec 19 2016: The game industry's disposable workers

This website, GameJobsWatch.com, tracked the number of job losses in the games industry, although it has not been updated since 2013.

Kotaku ran a five part series titled "Video game industry layoff stories." These articles highlight the personal stories of video game workers in an effort to showcase the employment instability often experienced in the industry.

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