Hiring and Firing

Gaming is an industry that thousands aspire to be a part of. There are gamers around the world who are passionate about what they play and want to be able to be a fully contributing member of the community that made the games they love so much. However, disgruntled employees and concerns over quality of life are not lone issue at game companies. Some companies have come under fire for controversial firing (and hiring) practices. However, other companies have been prided on their ability to maintain fair practices when considering applicants and handling their current employees.

This page will chronicle any events related to hiring and firing in the video game industry, both positive and negative, any court cases associated with them, and reactions or commentary from around the industry.

General and Opinion



Kotaku ran a five part series titled "Video game industry layoff stories." These articles highlight the personal stories of video game workers in an effort to showcase the employment instability often experienced in the industry.

Court Cases

Large Scale Layoffs and Closures