MidBoss: Allegations of Exploitative and Harassment

On March 21st, 2018, MidBoss and their CEO (Matt Conn) was accused of engaging in exploitive workplace practices and sexual harassment in a series of twitter posts. These allegations included taking advantage of queer employees, undervaluing women and people of colour, and underpaying workers. While these allegations were originally brought forward by a musician external to the company (Jess ‘LiquidCrystal’), individuals claiming to be former MidBoss employees corroborated the story claiming that they were underpaid and sexually harassed by Matt Conn.

In the wake of this controversy, Matt Conn stepped down from the board of GaymerX (a non-profit dedicated to support LGBTQ+ people in gaming) and MidBoss. Cade Peterson became the interim CEO, and as of August 30th 2019, remains in the CEO position.

Media Coverage/Original Tweets: