Indie Studio Quality of Life and Development

While major game companies are often criticized for the treatment of their employees, many game developers and others in the industry turn to indie developers to seek out places that may treat them more fairly. However, with indie game development comes other problems, including less funding and, of course, competition with the more well-known games.

This page attempts to provide links to articles with insight into the indie game industry and its place in the gaming industry as a whole.

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Benefits of Indie Developing

Problems and Pitfalls

Profits, Funding and Business Structure

Accelerator Companies

Accelerators are companies that have money to take on small teams of entrepreneurs and help them get started with their business. Those interested in receiving funding must apply and be approved by the accelerator offering their services. They are early-stage investors that assist in business development and longevity.

Indie Companies Standing Out

Patricia Hernandez on Kotaku: Feb. 3, 2015: Gabe Newell shows how customer support is done

Blogs and Personal Stories

Rebekah Saltsman on Gamasutra: Mar. 20, 2015: The IGS Soapbox: Bekah's 5 minutes

James Tan on Gamasutra: Jan 4, 2016: A personal post mortem on Depth